Microsoft to Establish AI Hub in London, Led by DeepMind Co-founder

Microsoft beat Wall Street’s forecasts for second-quarter revenue as new artificial intelligence features helped to attract customers to its Cloud and Windows services.

Microsoft is set to launch a new artificial intelligence hub in London, spearheaded by Mustafa Suleyman, the British co-founder of AI giant DeepMind, now owned by Google.

The hub will be dedicated to advancing Microsoft products leveraging artificial intelligence and conducting research into the technology.

Located at Microsoft’s Paddington offices, the hub will serve as a focal point for AI innovation and development. Mustafa Suleyman, leading Microsoft AI, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting the hub’s mission to drive groundbreaking work in language models and foundational AI infrastructure.

In a blog post announcing the hub, Suleyman emphasized his pride in contributing to the UK’s AI ecosystem and reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to investing in the country’s talent pool. He underscored the UK’s dedication to advancing AI responsibly and emphasized the hub’s role in fostering investment, innovation, and economic growth.

Suleyman outlined the hub’s potential to create job opportunities, with Microsoft AI actively seeking exceptional individuals to tackle the most challenging AI questions of our time. The establishment of the AI centre expands Microsoft’s presence in the UK, complementing existing initiatives such as the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge.

This initiative builds on Microsoft’s commitment to the UK, including its recent pledge to invest £2.5 billion as part of its AI plans. The launch of the AI hub underscores Microsoft’s dedication to driving AI innovation and collaborating with the UK’s vibrant AI community.

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Microsoft to Establish AI Hub in London, Led by DeepMind Co-founder